McNamara Stack
Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Tel: 069 - 61433 - Fax: 069 - 61479

The firm was founded in 1973 by Patrick J. Barry.
Richard Stack joined the firm in 1981 on graduation from the
University of Limerick and he became the principal in 1987
when the name changed to Barry Stack & Co. We offer a
professional multi-disciplined service in the areas of
accounting and taxation. We assist small to medium size
businesses in start up and partner their advancement through
the critical stages of development. We take an interest in the
business whatever the size.

Our services include the following:
Farm Accounts
Sole Traders
Limited Companies
Tax Consultancy
Business Planning
Loan Application
Lift Assurance

The offices of Barry Stack & Co. in Newcastle West, Limerick

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